Jewish Ukraine


Day 1
Arrive in Kiev. You will be welcomed at Kiev’s Borispol International Airport. Next you will transfer to your hotel, and check in. There will be a Welcome dinner, and then free time.

Day 2
Bus excursion around Kiev “The panorama of Kiev.”


The excursion will open to you the beauty of the capital of Ukraine. Kiev is an ancient Slavic center. During the excursion you will see the most interesting sights of the city. You will see Starokievskaya Hill, where Russian land “was born,” famous Golden Gate, St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Vladimir Cathedral, St. Andrew Church, Mikhailovsky Cathedral, Kievo-Pechersk Lavra and churches of Podol. You will see the monuments from the IX-XI centuries, XII-XIX-XX centuries. You will also view modern Kiev.

Lunch at the Jewish Kosher restaurant “Zimes”

Then you’ll take a walking excursion “Along Podol streets.”


During this walking tour you will visit: Andriivskyi Uzviz, Andrew church, The “Castle of Richard the Lion Heart,” art-café, Picture and Souvenir gallery.

You will return to your hotel on your own. Kiev is a very safe city. Free time the remainder of the day.

Day 3
Breakfast followed by an Excursion: “Kiev through the Jewish eyes”


Centuries-old history of Kiev is inseparable from the history of the Jewish community, which dates back to the pre- Christian Russsian times. Kiev has been beautifully influenced by the Jewish Community. Kiev has many synagogues, Jewish schools and academies. Prominent Jewish manufacturers and merchants, engineers and lawyers, writers and artists worked have lived and worked in Kiev.

Your tour will take you to the central Synagogue named after Brodskiy. You will visit Old Podil with Synagogue with its memorial to Golda Meir, former Prime Minister of Israel. You will also see a monument dedicated to Sholom Aleichem and the Babiy Yar Memorial.

You will meet the Rabbi of Kiev’s central Synagogue.

Return to your hotel for free time.

Day 4

Breakfast • Check out. Today you will transfer to the Vita Park “Aquadar,” and check in. Enjoy lunch at Vita Park Aquadar’s restaurant. Free time.


Vita Park Aquadar is situated 180 km away from Kiev. The park is an ecologically sensitive area located in the wonderful Cherkasy forest. You’ll love breathing in the delicious fresh air at this lovely part. It is close to another Ukrainian tourist gem, Sophievka Dendro Park (Uman).


Recreation facilities:

Fitness hall • Summer pool • Sports grounds (soccer, volleyball, basketball)
Beach volleyball • Japanese Ofuro bath • Library • Billiards.

For children:

Children's room • Playgrounds • Mini-zoo.

There’s lots to do in Mankivka for adults and children.

Day 5

Breakfast • Check out 12 am • Departure to Uman.

Jewish tour around Uman — Today’s tour includes the burial place of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav & Gadyach, the tomb of Rabbi Shneur Zalman, the Alter Rabbi – the founder of the Lubavitch Chassidic movement.

Ukraine is the birthplace of Hasidism. Ukraine boasts the world's second most objects of Jewish religious heritage. Hasidism is the center of Uman culture. Each year more and more Jews visit Uman to view the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, one of the founders of Hasidism.


Also included is an excursion to Sophievka Dendro Park (Uman).


Here you can walk here along the picturesque streets where nearly every corner honors Ancient Greek and Roman heroes. You will also see the mystery caverns and waterfalls. You will actually get to see the world famous underground river Sticks!


Dinner • Transfer to the railway station for an 8 hour restful night ride to Lviv.

Day 6

You will arrive in Lviv in the morning, transfer to the hotel, check-in, and have breakfast,

After a great sleep on the train you will a bus and walking tour around Lviv


The city of Lvov is the pearl of Europe. It is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine with a history spanning over 750 years!

ander cobbled, narrow streets and discover this medieval city. Lvov's interesting architecture is intertwined with multi-national traditions and unique buildings. There are many monuments in this very old, historic, romantic city. Lvov is a magical city. It seems to cast a spell on visitors making them want to return again and again.

You will visit the exciting "Vernisage" market where you will find many things to take home. Whatever you purchase and bring home will undoubtedly become a family heirloom.

Dinner • Free time

Day 7


Today’s excursion is about the «Jewish heritage of Lviv»


Lviv is one of the World’s most famous center for Jewish culture. Jews arrived in Lviv in the 13th century and have always been one of the largest ethnic groups in the city.

Your Lviv Jewish heritage tour includes a city bus tour which will introduce you to the historical, cultural and social life of Jews in one of Ukraine’s largest cities. Lviv features architectural monuments of XIV-XX centuries. You will also visit a Hasidic synagogue, the medieval Jewish quarter, and the remnants of the famous Renaissance «Golden Rose» synagogue remnants, Bet Hamidrash.

Lunch at a restaurant “Under the Golden Rose” (Jewish cuisine)

****Specialty of this restaurant is that it does not have any prices. You will have to haggle with the waiter!


Free time.

Day 8

- An optional excursion for today is “Lviv with the Aroma of Coffee”

Lviv is full of history, flute singing and strong aroma of coffee. One can’t imagine Lvov without cafes. Liviv’s coffee houses make you feel like you’re at home and that time has stopped. It is a tradition to have a cup of coffee in a Lviv café. Coffee here is not just a drink- it is a unique ritual. You should visit such a coffee-house. Good examples are the: Venska and Shtuka coffee houses. At any of these coffee houses you may meet interesting people as you sip Lviv's aromatic coffee. Lviv's cafe's are places where people meet and local traditions abound. One of Lviv's intellectual centers is the coffee shop.

Check out 12 noon • Free time.

Another Optional tour is: Lviv Modern Art Museum “Salo.” ( Lard)

SALO is the first in the world museum restaurant dedicated to the national Ukrainian food salo (pig fat) created as irony and mockery concerning glamour! Salo is a lounge vodka-bar where you can try salo-art cuisine, buy one of the 35 kinds of salo and wash it down with one of the 40 kinds of vodka.

Transfer to the railway station for an 8 hour scenic ride to Kiev.

Day 9

Arrive in Kiev • Transfer to the hotel • Check into your hotel and then have breakfast • Free day.

Or opt for an Optional tour: Out of town excursion to the small town Skvira.

Skvira city is the former Jewish town which is located in the Kiev region of Ukraine. Skvira was a significant Hasidic center. It is interesting to note that in 1954 a group of Jews from New York established the first Hasidic village in the United States, the community of New Square in New York City. In America there is now a place named in honor of the Ukrainian town of Skvira.


Free time.

Day 10

Breakfast • Check out.

Transfer to the airport for your travels home. You will be filled with memories of wonderful, unique Ukraine. You may have even discovered your roots for the first time.